Examining your Website

By:Tyler Allen

If  you are like me, keeping track of the code and what it is doing to your page can be challenging. One way I like to examine my code is using the free tools available for you on many internet browsers, in my case Firefox. This can also be used for examining others’ webpages to see how they did something, and ID the source in their code.

These tools can be found, appropriately, under the “tools” tab via web developer. These tools include inspect, which help you view a page and how its layout is showing on the page.



For example, you can see where a div section ends, how a wrap is working on your website, and how videos are laying on the page as a result of code. Using this I was able to figure out that my nav bar was not appearing how I wanted it to because it being in a seperate section than h1 made it look more blocky than I wanted. By viewing this I fixed the problem by making it all under the h1 section.
To look like:


So, I hope playing around with these tools helps you too. Good luck!

~ by allentyler2991 on April 1, 2013.

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