Fading your Video In and Out

I wanted to have my video slowly fade in and I wanted it to fade out at the end.  If you want to do the same for your video this is what you need to do.  First I should mention that I am using Adobe Premier.


Once you open Premier you will need to import your video clip and drag it onto your timeline.  Next, you will select Window<Effect Controls.  It may ask you to select clip and once you select your clip you will see a few options appear in the window.  We are going to click the triangle to the left of Opacity to expand the options.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 4.46.13 PM



Now we are going to start with fading our video in.  You will slide the slider to 0 seconds and change the Opacity to 0%.  Next, slide the slider to where you want the fade to be 100% (I wanted my fade to last 1 second so I placed the slider at 1 second).  Now that your slider is at 1 second change the Opacity to 100%.  Your video now has the fade in effect completed.


Fading out is a little different so this is what you will need to do…First, decide when you want your video to start fading out.  Drag your slider to the portion of your video you want the fade out to start.  Once your slider is where you want it to be click on the diamond in between the two arrows to the right of Opacity.  Next, you will move your slider to the end of your video and change the opacity to 0%.  Your video now has the fade out effect!


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