Scrolling Text Feature

For some websites, a feature that includes scrolling text across a screen can prove to be a useful feature. After doing some research, I found that the html has a tag  <marquee> that would allow for this simple feature. Although, this feature can be duplicated and even expanded on with the use of javascript, I found that this tag was enough to complete the task. Here is the section of code that was used inside the html document:

<font size “24” color=”GREEN”> <marquee direction = “left” width=800px >Current Player of the Year Standings: 1. Daniel Negranu (360.00) 2. Daniel Marton (252.00) 3. Bryan Piccioli (190.00) 4. Winfred Yu (180.00) 5. Aaron Lim</marquee></font>

With the code provided above, there are also a few options of customization. The font size can be declared within this command, the color of the font can be declared, the width of the scrolling window for the text, and finally the direction in which you would like the text to travel.


~ by fdyska on April 22, 2013.

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