Making a horizontal list in HTML

When using Text Edit or Dreamweaver, it’s pretty easy to create a horizontal list for your website. Usually, to create a list of links, you use the tag <ul> for an “Unordered List.” You can have a list under this tag by opening and closing the <li> “list item” tag for each item on your list. Image

This gives you a list with bullets for your website.


To make this list horizontal and without any bullets, you can just make a few simple changes under your <style> tag, whether it is in the HTML document, or in a separate CSS style sheet. Under the <style> tag, add the “ul li” selector (for Unordered List List Item) followed by “display:inline-block.” This will make your list appear horizontally. Choosing the background color “blue” gives each of the list item blocks a blue background. Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 4.56.29 PM




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