Customizing Your Workspace in Dreamweaver

We are all individually unique and different from each other.  We do share breathing, eating, and sleeping, but we all possess characteristics and preferences that demonstrate create our heterogeneous mixture.  What I’m getting at is, my first blog post is about how to customize Dreamweaver to suit your own needs.  Writing code and creating a website is an intense and stressful process, so what better way to start off this blog than showing show to customize Dreamweaver in order for you to reach full productivity.  Placing menus and panels where you want will help you gain an easier experience using Dreamweaver.  So, lets begin:

Your initial workspace is essential.  If you want to change it go to the Applications Toolbar and look for the pulldown menu on the far right that initially will come up as “Designer”:



Dreamweaver has multiple presets to suit your needs.  The environments will change depending on the workspace you need.  A key example is the insert panel, which is one of the menus you will use the most while working in Dreamweaver.  In the designer preset the panel will appear on the right side of your screen:


If you don’t know what the symbols mean when inserting the tools for your website, I recommend keeping it on the right side of your workspace.  However, you can move the insert panel and dock it above your workspace horizontally.   Your options will then appear as symbols horizontally, which provides a faster “tab” method for more advanced users of Dreamweaver.



What’s great about Dreamweaver is it has a memory (a soul?) and remembers the changes you made.  If you switch to a different workspace and then switch back to the original workspace, Dreamweaver will remember everything you changed in the previous workspace.  Our insert bar, for example, will remain as horizontal symbols at the top of our environment.  

Lets say you move panels around and don’t like where they are placed.  Or accidentally deleted a panel/menu you actually need.  Well, don’t fret, Dreamweaver may have a memory, but you have the Men In Black Neuralyzer that makes it forget.  Head back to pulldown menu you choose your environments with.  The third to last option should be “Reset …” where … equals the workspace you currently have activated.  Click it and the chosen workspace will reset back to its original format.  



The more and more you put into Dreamweaver the more you’ll understand where you want your panels/menus, which ones will be your priority, and which ones can be deleted.  It’s now time to play around and find the format that best fits you!  This will make your Dreamweaver experience easier and a little less stressful.  Have fun!



~ by kevhillnyu on September 24, 2013.

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