Overexposed Photo? No Problem!

Finally you get that perfect picture and everything is great except for that one thing, it’s too bright! We’ve all done it, but here’s a quick and simple fix for that pesky picture:

Step 1: Open the photo in Photoshop, it’s washed out now, but don’t worry. It’s nothing we can’t handle. Here’s a washed out photo I took while I was studying abroad in Florence.    


Step 2: Add an Adjustment Layer; there should be a small panel on the bottom right called Layers.  Image

Click on the small icon on the bottom that looks like a tiny black & white cookie. From there you’ll want to select “Levels.” This will create a new layer for you to make adjustments.


Step 3: When “Levels 1” is highlighted, change the blend mode for the adjustment layer from “Normal” to “Multiply”. You can find this in the top left of the window (under the word LAYERS).    

Once you do this the photo will automatically be darkened and more saturated.  


Step 4: If the photo is now too dark for your taste, you can fix this by changing the opacity of the layer, which you can find right next to the blend mode adjustment that you just changed. Lowering the opacity to a smaller percentage will adjust the saturation and light of the photo. And voila, it’s fixed!    



Peace out



~ by kimhaley on September 29, 2013.

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