Making particularly dark areas lighter

Sunlight can be tricky in images. Sometimes a single image may contain extreme light and dark, making us harder to balance the color. So here is a tip on how to make extremely dark areas lighter.

So, basically we are drawing lighter color (the light) onto a separate layer of the image.

Step 1

Create a new layer = Layer -> New -> Layer

Window Shortcut: Shift + control + N

Mac Short cut: Shift + Command + N

Set Blending mode to “Color Dodge” and Opacity about 15%



Step 2

Use Brush Tool and soft brush and hold Alt/Option key to pick up lighter colors and brush onto the image where you want to brighten.



I tried to brighten the bottom. My layer looks something like this.



see the difference?






by Regina Park

~ by reginapark on September 30, 2013.

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