Making an Audio Loop in Adobe Audition

Step One: Import tracks under the files tab


Step 2: Select a portion of the audio

Select the “Time Selection Tool” and highlight the section of the track you would like to use. Make sure there is no silent portion at the beginning or end. Copy this section using Ctrl+C on your keyboard, then choose “File > New” in the Audition toolbar. Paste the waveform into this new document and save it as a new track.



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Step 3: Loop the Song

Select the entire audio section and copy it. Select the “Go to End” key (the arrow furthest to the right, next to the red record circle). Paste the copied audio. If you’d like a longer loop, repeat this step until your loop is long enough.


All done!

Kathleen Meriano

~ by kmeriano on October 25, 2013.

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