Eliminate Buzzing (aka Noise Reduction) Tutorial

We are recording the sounds of our ecologies in the weirdest of places.  Whether it’s a park, inside a shop, or out on the street, it’s to be expected that you’ll have some buzzing, white noise, or background noise that is an annoyance.  So, lets fix it!

Below I have an audio clip of me walking through the creaky front entrance of the ERP Track.  I want to keep the noise of me pushing through the revolving gate, but eliminate the background noise of the FDR.  So we’re going to select a portion that is solely background noise (can be too small for noise reduction so you’ll need to select around a half a second or more)


Now that you have your noise selected go to Effects (top tool bar) -> Noise Reduction/Restoration -> Capture Noise Print.


Adobe Audition has now recognized the background noise that you wish to eliminate.  So now hit Command A so Audition recognizes the entire audio track.


Now we want Audition to reduce the background noise of the audio we have selected (essentially the entire track, which is optional of course).  Now go to Effects -> Noise Reduction/Restoration -> Noise Reduction (process).

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.48.18 AM


If you want to eliminate your Noise entirely make sure Noise Reduction is at 100% and Reduced By is at 100db.  If you have voices you might want to play around with the blue bar in order to make sure your voice is natural and not robot sounding after.  When you’re doe click apply and the bottom right hand corner.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 11.54.22 AM


And now the background FDR noise has been eliminated from my audio clip.  Easy enough, but play around and add effects in order to create the noise reduced rough cut that best suits you.


~ by kevhillnyu on November 3, 2013.

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