How to Render and Export Video

When working on a video, you will need to render and export your files at multiple points in the process in order to preview clips or finalize them. Rendering time will vary depending on the length of the video so make sure you’ve prepared enough time in advance. Make sure that there is not any other programs open on your computer that might slow down the process. Finally you will want to have at least 10 gigs of memory to work with because video files take up a lot of space.

After you’ve finished your video, make sure you’ve selected your sequence. Go up to the menu bar and click Sequence>Render Entire Work Area. This may take a few minutes.

Next you’ll want to go to File>Export>Media

This will bring up an exporting menu, which you will want to change depending on what setting you need for your video (where will it be played? What format should it be in? etc).

Afterwards you will want to Save As in the appropriate area and then your video should begin rendering when you click Export. Then your video should begin exporting.



~ by kimhaley on November 3, 2013.

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