Select, Copy, Cut, and Paste in Audition

It is extremely easy to edit your audio files in Audition and in this tutorial I’m going to demonstrate how to select and copy portions of your audio file.

First, open up your file on Audition. Go to File>Import>File


If you have multiple audio files open, make sure you open the file you want to edit in the “Waveform” editor mode, rather than the “Multitrack” session. You can find tabs for these on the top of your workspace in Audition, below the menubar.


This is what your file looks like in the waveform editor:


Now, to Select a portion of your file, click the Time Selector tool on the top toolbar. (or press T on your keyboard for a shortcut!)


Using the selector tool, click on the waveform portion of your file you want to start selecting from, and continue to drag until you are done selecting. The selected portion of your file will appear in white.


Now that you have selected the desired part, you can click on

1. Edit>Copy to copy the selected part to the clipboard (or Command+C)

2. Edit>Copy to New to copy and paste the selected part into a newly created file

3. Edit>Cut to cut the selected data from the audio file (or Command+X)

To paste the data you have copied or cut:

Place the indicator at the position on the file where you want to paste your selected data. The indicator is a red line, and this is what it looks like:


1. Click on Edit>Paste to paste the selected data at the indicated position. (You can also click Command+V)

2. Click on Edit>Paste to New to paste the data on a newly created file



~ by vs1085 on November 3, 2013.

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