Opacity of Video Clips in Premiere Pro

Let’s say you have two video clips that you want to put together to create one image. You may want to look into adjusting the opacity of one of the clips so that the other clip shows through the first. In order to do that, you would need to adjust the opacity of the second clip. For example, if i wanted the text from video clip one (below) to be visible over the image of the concert in clip two (below), I could adjust the opacity of the concert clip. Here’s what the set up looks like:


Right now, I don’t see the “Effect Controls” panel, which is necessary for me to do adjust the opacity of the clip. I can make that panel visible by going to the menu bar and selecting “Effect Controls” under Window. Now, my set up looks like this:


Make sure that the clip you want to adjust is active, then click on the triangle next to “Opacity” in the Effect Controls panel. Your panel should now look like this:


Adjust the percentage lower to make the clip more transparent. Also make sure that your two clips are lined up at the same time so that the appear layered! My final product looks like this:



Happy opacity adjusting!

– Faith


~ by flkarson on November 9, 2013.

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  1. I would have appreciated a few screenshots that were a little more zoomed in as I felt in some of them it was hard to tell what you were indicating because of the size of the images.

  2. Awesome tips! I’m going to assume you did, but in order to get that final image did you have to adjust the opacity of both images? Or did the opacity just automatically change for that time segment?

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