Creating a Vintage Effect in Adobe Premiere

Step 1: Create your video

I would recommend creating a duplicate so you still have the original and don’t have to apply the effects to each clip individually.

Step 2: Open the “Color Correction” Folder

Drag RGB Curves, Color Balance (HLS) and Brightness & Contrast effects onto the new sequence. By moving around the RGB curves you’ll get a warm color tone over the footage. By toning down the vibrancy of the color adjustments with the Saturation option of the Color Balance (HLS) effect the warm tone will turn to sepia. Finally, play around with the brightness and contrast until you’re happy with the picture. 

And you’re done! 

Optional: Add A Texture

Overlays in photoshop really help give the image a vintage feel. I quick way to do the same is to download this free scratch video : Or for a better quality I would recommend something like this:

In order to use either of these you just have to overlay the footage, and adjust the opacity of the scratch track. 

-Kathleen Meriano



~ by kmeriano on November 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Creating a Vintage Effect in Adobe Premiere”

  1. Love that you included links to some free stock footage to practice on and work with. It would be helpful if there were images/screenshots of the menus and effects that you reference in this post just so that I could get an idea of how “vintage” the footage would look.

  2. I really would have liked more visuals of where I could find the different effects you talk about in your post. It would also be helpful if you explained the process of overlaying the footage and adjusting the opacity of the clips further.

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