Adobe Audition Quick Fixes!

I wish I learned this trick when I first started using Audition…but better late than never! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to quickly clean up your sounds in Audition

1. Open your effects rack


2. Turn on Amplitude & Compression/Speech Volume Leveler


3. Voila! Hopefully, your clip sounds even clearer. I suggest messing with Adaptive Noise Reduction as well, since it seems to work better for clips with speaking.




~ by ajs706 on November 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Adobe Audition Quick Fixes!”

  1. It is unclear as to what the quick fix actually is/does. It would be helpful to have it explicitly written in the title and again more explicit directions about how to locate things such as the Effects Rack would be good.

  2. Title should be more straightforward. I could not tell what your content was going to be just by looking at your title.
    In the visual for step 2, just by looking at it, I am confused where I need to click in order to open the menu.

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