Insert Texts into your Video


1. Right click in the Project Area, when a menu pops up, go to New Item > Title


2. Set a name on the bottom of the window and click ok


3. Then this window should come up


4. Click on the Type Icon on the Left Vertical Menu


5. Type text into your video


6. Adjust text properties such as fonts, size, opacity, color etc on the Right Vertical Menu

7. After you are done with setting your desired text, close the pop up window. 

8. The under the project area, you will have title added to your list.

9. Drag your title to your timeline, adjust how long it will appear in your video


*once in your timeline, edit it as if you were editing a clip.


by Regina Park


~ by reginapark on November 11, 2013.

2 Responses to “Insert Texts into your Video”

  1. I think it would help if you could take screenshots of the entire workspace/Adobe Premiere window. Some of these are zoomed in on the specific portion of the window that you will be using, which is helpful, but it would be more helpful if I could see where the bins and menus are located in relation to the rest of the bins/menus/entire workspace.

  2. This tutorial is great! Very simple and precise/concise. The images are so clear and readable without having to click on them. The step by step process allows me to follow along and return to specific reference points.

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