Tricks & Tips for Color Correction

Last week, I posted a tutorial that showed you how to correct the colors in your footage. However, if you spend a lot of time doing color correction, you may want to change the actual workspace that you use in Adobe Premiere Pro cs5. 

The first step is to change the Brightness. After hours of looking at that grey screen, your eyes will probably start to bug out. Changing the brightness really helps alleviate some of the straining on your eyes, and really helps when you need to be focused on correcting the colors in your footage! Your screen probably looks something like this:


To change your preferences go to Premiere Pro > Preferences > Appearance.


This screen will pop up. Adjust your brightness as you wish. I’m going to change mine to be much darker.


After you adjust the knob and click OK, your screen should look like this:Image



Next, you may want to change your workspace so that it is most conducive to color correction. It is probably automatically set to the Editing Workspace, which is great for editing footage. But if you want to focus on Color Correction, you can change that!

Go to Window > Workspace > Color Correction:



The final Workspace should look like this:


Now you’re ready to correct those colors!




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  1. Again, this is really great! I’m mostly curious as to what the change from editing to color correction did. Are these setting that will ultimately effect the video or are they just alterations for your workspace?

  2. Following up on your previous post is such a good idea and also helpful!
    I do not think the title fully represent the content. I was confused what I was going to learn when I read the content. (small suggestion for the title… perhaps ‘Set up for color correction’?)

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