Un-Linking Audio and Video on Adobe Premiere

If you don’t want to use the audio captured along with your video, here’s a quick tutorial that shows you how to remove the audio track from your video clip.

Step 1: Import your video clip to Premiere, by clicking File>Import (or Command + I)

Step 2: Drag and drop your selected clip to the timeline bin in your workspace, allowing you to edit the clip

Step 3: Select the clip, and right click on it. From the pop-up menu, choose “Unlink”

Step 4: Now you have unlinked your audio and video clips. To remove the audio clip, select only the audio track by clicking on it

Step 5: Right click, and click “clear”

This will remove your audio track from the video clip! Now you can add another audio file to go with your video! 


~ by vs1085 on November 17, 2013.

3 Responses to “Un-Linking Audio and Video on Adobe Premiere”

  1. This is mostly really good and clear. My most important suggestion would probably be to include more images, since sometimes those menu directions can get a bit muddled in written tutorials. But good job!!

    • Also! Try and clarify where, exactly, the user should click, since “clicking on it” is too ambiguous.

  2. This one could use pictures, although it is pretty straightforward. Some of the steps are a little tedious, it might be better to combine short steps to make it easier to follow. that way people won’t have to switch between their program and your post while doing your tutorial

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