How to Convert a Dreamweaver Document from XHTML to HTML5


I am a beginner web builder/designer and learned a few lessons the hard way when some of my pages weren’t in the right doctype format. I build a whole website using dreamweaver in XHTML instead of HTML5 and encounter a few issues with media. Thankfully, this trick saved my site! 

Dreamweaver is an important application that can help you build websites from scratch or from templates. Because the type of code written for websites changes over time, it is important to stay with the latest standard. In our case, this is HTML5. To start an HTML5 document instead of an XHTML, there’s a simple change that you can make and it will eliminate any rendering issues you may have on the web. 


When opening Dreamweaver, you will be prompted with this screen:

Welcome Screen

Click on HTML. THIS IS NOT YOUR LAST STEP!! Remember, just because it says HTML, it does not mean that it is the most current form. In this case, it is XTHML as seen on the tab. See below picture.


To change over, go to File- Convert- HTML5. See below picture.


You are now converted! Your screen should look like this:


Just save the file and start filling in your code! 


Comment below and I’ll do my best to help! 


~ by cs3309 on January 30, 2014.

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