Enhancing Your Podcast With GarageBand

Since I’m not an owner of Adobe Audition or any other premium sound editors, I decided to use Apple’s “GarageBand” to edit and enhance my podcast. 

Basic Edits

To edit your sound bytes where you notice a stutter or an “ahh…” or “uhmm..” you need to split your recording track and delete these moments, then re-attach the soundclip back together. Load your recording onto the sound deck and locate one of these moments. Click just in front of the area to move the visual editing bar onto the deck. Press command + T to split the clip.



Then move the visual cursor to the point where the mistake ends, and repeat the command + T procedure to split the clip once more. This will isolate your mistake and allow you to select it on its own. Click off the deck to de-select the whole track, then reselect the small tidbit you want to delete. Press delete to delete this moment.




Adding Intros and Effects

If you want to add an introductory sound or an ending sound or even put effects over your voice, you can do this in GarageBand. Press command + L to bring up the effects menu to view your options.


These are extremely easy to implement. Merely drag the sound or effect onto the sound deck in front of or behind your recording for an intro/concluding sound or concurrent with your recording if you want the effect to run while you speak.




Adding to Your Voice

If you want to make subtle changes to your tone of voice or how you sound on your audio track, you can explore using some of GarageBand’s audio tools to do so. Press command + I to bring up the “Track Info” menu. Press the Edit tab and use the drop down menus to select your tools. You can add a speech enhancer, reverb, or even a “vocal transformer” to change aspects of your voice and how the recording can be heard.



There’s a lot you can do with GarageBand and a lot to be learned merely by tinkering with it. It’s an easy to use program with a lot of different layers and ways to be utilized. Enjoy!


~ by Steve Crnic on March 9, 2014.

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