Inserting Musical Intro to Your Podcast


I decided to test out Adobe Audition’s “Podcast” template for multitrack selections.

To do this, I went to file -> new -> multitrack selection. Then the following window came up:


I named my filed “Podcast Demo” and selected the “Podcast” template.

I recorded a dummy podcast as a regular Waveform file and inserted it into the Podcast template. My screen within Audition appeared as follows:


 Now, I wanted to see if I could insert a track as an intro for the podcast (i.e. a piece of music).

To do this, I went to: file -> open -> and then selected the song I wanted to use. The song was over 6 minutes long, and I only wanted the first 30 seconds of it as the intro. I highlighted every part of the song past the 30-second mark. See the image below and note that Audition shows you how much of the song is not selected in the bottom left corner.


With my ~30-second intro remaining, I hit backspace – deleting the remainder of the song. To add this piece of the song to the podcast, I right clicked the file in Audition -> Insert into multitrack -> Podcast Demo.

The song then appeared in the Sound Effects panel of the Podcast Demo. I selected the clip and the clicked on “Clip” from the top menu bar and selected “Fade Out” from the pull down menu – this would ensure a smooth transition from song to podcast. I selected the podcast clip and set it to play at the 30-second mark of the entire file – now my screen looked like this:


Now I can save the file and play it in its entirety with musical intro and podcast.




~ by sam rodd on March 9, 2014.

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