How to Insert Music into a Podcast (Audition)

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So, as I’ve been working to perfect the first podcast for my blog I’ve come to the realization that a music blog’s podcast kind of requires music. So I wanted to share a quick tutorial on overlaying your podcast with music, and how to add extra “silence” if you want to share a sound without taking away from the podcast itself. This tutorial is written for Adobe Audition.

The most important part of inserting music is really listening to your podcast. I can’t stress that enough. Do not insert music just to insert music, use it as a way of enhancing your podcast and giving it that little bit of extra something, and be conscientious of incorporating appropriate sounds in relevent spots.

Within your multitrack session you’re going to initially need to select the main portion of your podcast (which in my case is spoken) by double clicking the appropriate track.

From there, to insert silence, you’re going to click where you want to insert silence within the track so that the spot is identified by the time marker. You’re then going to want to select Edit > Insert > Silence, as seen below.


After choosing to insert this silence, you’ll have to determine how much silence is necessary. Listen to the sound byte or clip you’re looking to insert, and then choose the appropriate amount. For the sake of this example, I’m selecting 10 seconds.


Now you will have a break of silence in the middle of your podcast, as shown here:


You’ll then open the sound byte you’re looking to insert. I highly recommend adding a fade in/fade out for a more natural insertion of the sound. This can be done by dragging the little boxes within the top downward until a yellow line appears, as displayed here:



From there you can amend the fade until it is appropriate for your piece. You’re going to want to go back to your multitrack session and ensure that your sound byte is located appropriately within the greater podcast, and that it is in line with the silence you previously added.


There you have it; you’re now able to insert sound bytes into your podcast! Also remember to go back and listen to your podcast to ensure the flow is correct!

– Julia

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  1. The flow of your blog post is great. It isn’t too chunky but by no means is it lacking information either. The recommendation of using fades is also great because you support your reasoning and offer more in depth information for them to apply. The only suggestion I have is to be a little more precise when referring to the box in the corner for the fade. I can see people who know nothing about that button being confused as to what box you are referencing. Other than that tiny detail, great job. I learned something new!

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