How to Make One of Those Trendy GIFs

GIFs are all the rage right now. Some people are beginning to communicate only in GIFs (that may not be true, but the potential is definitely there). To make my website more interesting, I decided to add a GIF, and no, not by just taking one from Buzzfeed, but by making one myself! I was happily surprised to find that it is very simple to create one.

To start, you will need a video that you have already recorded and saved on your computer (it does not matter what type of file you have saved it as).

Open up Photoshop and click “file”, scroll down to “import”, and click “Video Frames to Layers”



Great. Now pick the video from your files that you want to make the GIF from. Once you have selected your video, a box will show up that looks like this:


Click “Selected Range Only”. This allows you to choose what part of your video you want to upload. Use the makers underneath the video clip to determine where you want the beginning and end of the video to be. *TIP: the smaller your video is, the easier it is to manipulate* Be sure that the button next to “Make Frame Animation” is checked. Now click “Ok”!

Good work. Now your video is on Photoshop. To see each frame of the video clearly, go to “window” in the top of the Photoshop window, and then select “timeline”.


The “timeline” view lets you see each individual frame (as shown in the image above at the bottom of the Photoshop window).

Now you can add text, format the video, etc. just as you would a normal image in Photoshop. Just make sure you apply your changes to every frame! *TIP: to create the flashing text so many GIFs have, apply the text to every other frame*

Perfect. You have your video just as you want it.*TIP: Change the image size to around 500 pixels so that the GIF does not take forever to load once you upload it to your website. Do this by clicking “image” in the top of the Photoshop window and then “image size”. Change the number of pixels to 500. Click “ok”. *


Time for the last step! Click “file” and then “save for web”.  In the box that pops up, make sure that you video is saved in “GIF” form.


Then hit save and you’re done! You’ve got a trendy GIF that you made all on your own! Now go make a Buzzfeed list about what kind of bagel you are using your new skill



– Amelia

~ by ameliaam on April 10, 2014.

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  1. Your language strategy is to introduce the topic and to highlight the steps and then clarify what the reader might be missing from looking at the photos. Not too much language and not too little.

  2. Hey! I feel as though your use of language made this an extremely enjoyable post to read – seriously, awesome tone! I think your choice of images really helped to reenforce what you were trying to convey to the reader.

  3. Your images were the prime driver of the post, and you complemented them with text that explained what needed to be done that you could not show in the screenshots.

  4. This tutorial was really great and very easy to follow. Your use of images was very adequate and made it very easy to understand and would probably make the process of creating a GIF quite easy to replicate.

  5. I like your voice & how there are little “TIPS” at the end of each instruction, but I think it would have been helpful to take out some of the extra writing and to make the actual steps & tips stand out.

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