How to Remove Sound and Overlay Music in Adobe Premiere

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By default when you upload any video file in Adobe Premiere you will be given two tracks, an audio track and a video track, which gives you the option to edit the video and audio separately.


For the sake of my video project, I wanted to remove the sound from my video clip, and overlay a song from my iTunes library. To do this locate the audio track and unclick the speaker icon.



 That’s it, quick and easy!

From there, you’re going to need to import the audio track that you would like to overlay with your video. To do this you’re going to want to click File > Import > Media > Music, and then locate the audio track you’d like to insert into your video.



The track will then appear in your top left side bar. You’re going to want to select the track from there by running your cursor over the track and dragging it into the audio bar of your video project.



That’s it. Now the audio track you’ve imported will be played alongside your video clip, and the background sound from your video clip will not be heard at all!

Happy video making!

By: Julia Eisler

~ by juliaeisler on April 13, 2014.

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  1. I thought your visuals and your editing of the visuals (such as the red circle that you used to indicate what you were talking about) was a very strong point in your post. Your images are primarily what I was looking at and understanding, while the text simply backed that up and clarified it a bit more.

  2. I think your text is very clear since you go through each step thoroughly. The images were helpful but your text was clear enough that the post would still be understandable and helpful even without the images.

  3. Your language strategy was to introduce the problem (and some information) and then guide the reader through using short sentences that highlight exactly what the reader should be doing. Your images supplement the text, but they don’t impede, work against, or overshadow what you have written.

  4. I like the language works in this because there is definitely a voice behind the instructions, but it’s not too long and personal.

  5. Text is used to illustrate the problem and then go through each aspect of each step in the directions

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