Adding a text Marquee Effect to Your Website

www-gifcreator-me_egdynkIs your website feeling a little bit bland? Do you need to grab your audiences attention? Or maybe, you want to add a little spice to your site with some moving text? Whatever the case may be, a Marquee tag is the answer to your prayers.

Adding a Text Marquee

  1. Open your Working Code in Dreamweaver.
  2.  Identify the location where you want your marquee text to be within your code. Remember, this will be moving text, so location is important. (You do not want to distract your audience, rather, grab their attention with the marquee text.)

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.43.06 AM.png
In our case, we will be inserting the marquee tag in between our <h2> and <a> tags on line 12 of Dreamweaver.

3. Copy and paste the following tag into your document.

<marquee>INSERT TEXT HERE</marquee>

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 7.50.00 AM.png


4. Optional: You can edit the direction of your marquee text with the following tags.

Right Marquee Direction:

<marquee direction=”right”>INSERT TEXT HERE</marquee>

Up Marquee Direction:

<marquee direction=”up”>INSERT TEXT HERE</marquee>

Down Marquee Direction:

<marquee direction=”down”>INSERT TEXT HERE</marquee>


5. Enjoy your moving text!




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4 Responses to “Adding a text Marquee Effect to Your Website”

  1. I give this one the most thoughtful award! I think that this is something that most people wouldn’t think of to put into a DIY, and I believe that it would be the most useful and unorthodox way of grabbing attention for a website. -Leonard Santos

  2. Most thoughtful. Your blog is very interactive and I just had to read your blog once to learn to add marquee!


  3. The most engaging! GIGs are a good way to attract and catch the viewer’s eye. So in terns of designing and making your website more engaging, I like this one!

    Mike Rivas

  4. I thought this was the most engaging post because the author not only showed the final result in the beginning of the post but also asked rhetorical questions about the status of our websites that prompts the audience to engage with the content.

    — Stanley

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