Class Notes Spring 2011

April 11th, 2011

Ello, guys!!

So today is our last critique on your final projects!

You should be completely prepared to present your final project next Monday evening. Check the course syllabus later in the week to see where our presentations will take place! There will be others watching, so know what you’re going to say. This is a presentation, so dress appropriately. You will have up to 10 minutes to present your project.

You need to have ALL assignments complete in order to pass this course! This is EVERYTHING on the syllabus. Remember, if you turned things in late (which many of you did) your grade will be affected appropriately. Also, absences will be taken into consideration.

Your websites also need to be completely revised, especially if you just threw things onto a page. All assignments need to be on your website!

*Good luck on your projects and if you have any questions, feel free to DM Sarah or I before you contact Jamie.

And enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

That is all, my friends.

March 28th, 2011

Today we looked at the DIY final videos.

We also looked at some of the personal videos.

You should have ALL of your DIY blog posts done (7 in all!)

Next week our final podcasts need to be up along with all other assignments. Your website NEEDS to be revised and your video needs to be up and linked! Including your revision of the video. We will also discuss the final project in great detail, so have your proposal revised and a FULL description on what you’re doing.

March 21st, 2011

Critiqued rough cuts of DIY video.

Critiqued last few podcasts.

For next week, make sure you have ALL DIY blogs completed. Or you won’t pass.

Also, have DIY video revised…and podcasts must be revised and up. Revised..and rough..and sound design essay all must be up.

Have your videos revised.

*Please have ALL work done AND uploaded to your website if you have not. Remember, you need to complete all assignments to pass.

If you have any questions, DM one of us.

March 14th , 2011

Went over Premiere editing

-Critiqued videos

*Guys, you MUST turn stuff in if you want to pass. Many of you aren’t completing assignments on time/getting them done at all. You are marked late when you don’t turn stuff in, which affects your grade. Prof. Bianco’s non-markup ideology does NOT mean you don’t have to turn stuff in.

Again, if you want to pass…you must complete ALL assignments and on time.

February 28th, 2011

In class

Went over last few proposals

Listened & critiqued podcasts


Have rough and finished podcasts up side by side.

Storyboard for video needs up (6 cell minimum)…WITH notes.

Draft video script, needs up asap.

Rough cut for video on site or YouTube (import footage into Premiere of Final Cut..have a leader also)

2 DIY blog posts need done..and also do all others if you have not  (DM me @spiffytiffy2009 on twitter when you finish so I can mark you as complete)

View all classmates podcasts and videos prior to class.

*Download Handbrake if you need to change formats.

*No tutorial this weekend, we’ll let you know about the 13th though. Feel free to DM me or Sarah if you have questions!

February 21st, 2011


February 14th, 2011

Re-hacking the course

February 7th, 2011

In Class

Website design critique!

Discussed proposals.


Again, make sure your websites are COMPLETE. Fix your navigation bars (something that many of you need to do)

Have proposal complete if you did not today.

5 new images for next week.

Podcast script and one page description of sound design.

Tutorials & listen to the podcasts on the syllabus.

DIY Blog

*Bring earbuds & mic to class next week. Also, please culture photos for web if you have not already.

Something to check out this week:

Tara McPherson, prof. @USC
“color coding: on race and unix at mid-century?”
lecture: 2/8, 5p, 324cl
seminar: 2/8,12:30p, 362cl

January 31st, 2011

In Class

Blog posts exercise

Twitter narratives critiquing

3 Pictures, critiquing CSS

Discussed proposals in groups of 3

Homework–it’s website week.


Next week your website needs to be totally up. That means with CSS, XHTML…and prettified in general. Every assignment you’ve done needs up.If you need help, you MUST come to the tutorial.

Upload proposals to website, NEED to have what you’re doing for sure next week.

Look at “Change the Code”

Tutorials (as stated on syllabus)

5 more pictures, taken this week.

Meet with your group.

Tutorial= Saturday, 1-3pm. Mandatory if you are having issues.

Make sure you look at the syllabus to make sure you have completed every assignment due for the next week.

*Also, DM Jamie, Tiffany, or Sarah if you have questions throughout the week.

January 24, 2011

Went over how to do the How-To Blogs.

First round of critiques for websites.

New homework that was technically due last week–find 3 websites you really like.

Introducing ourselves to the class

Discussed ideas for projects, something you’re “obsessed” with.

Looked at each others cuneiform projects.

Basic CSS, how to add your style sheet to your HTML page.

Some things due next week: You MUST have your website up. Do your blog post. Experiment with floats/positioning. Have a navigational menu, lists, link to your assignments. Use some CSS styling. Pick your color palette.

Check for other assignments.

If you didn’t completely finish your twitter narrative, get that done!

Make sure your CC license if up.

January 10, 2011

Welcomeeeee, kids.

This week:

Went over required materials for the course (16gb flash drive, camera, Adobe Suite, etc.)

Spoke of creative Commons licenses (be sure to pick one that you’ll want for your site. Check ’em out here: )

Introduced Twitter/Twitter Narratives (will end with #t)

  • 1/day for seven straight days
  • 3 constraints
  • Make sure it’s a NARRATIVE, meaning it tells a story by the time you are done.

Went over FTP set-up

Cuneiform project assigned (must be REAL letters you encounter..not your friend making the letter S while sleeping on the couch)

Went over basic HTML coding (Be sure to check out some tutorials. Here is W3Schools:

Sarah taught us photography basics

Everyone sat up their WordPress account for blog posting. Be sure to post EVERY week. Basically, it’s a “how-to” do something. So be clear and concise. Screenshots definitely help. If you have trouble with something and then figure it out, do a blog on it. Other people may be struggling with the same issue. Check out the how-to’s from the prior two semesters if you’re still unsure.

Last but not least, we discussed our weekly tutorials which are going to be rotating between Sundays from 4-6 and Saturdays from 1-3. Check twitter for reminders of when they will be held. If you are having difficulties, they are mandatory. We have them to help you, so please come.

To contact: Tweet @ProfJSBianco (Prof. Bianco)

@spiffytiffy2009 (Tiffany)

@SarahVinski (Sarah)

That is all.  Have a good week.


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